Lucid dreaming is dreaming while you are aware that you are dreaming. Lucidity normally starts in the middle of a dream when the individual dreaming realizes that the experiences are not taking place in the physical reality, and that it was just a dream.  This usually happens when the dreamer notices that what is going on may not happen in real life. There are many techniques of inducing lucidity.

Wake Back to Bed Technique (WBTB) also called Sleep Interruption

The  is the process of awakening purposely in the middle of one’s sleep then falling asleep  again a few minutes later. The individual can go back to sleep after between 10-60 minutes. This can be done by using an alarm clock.

Sleep continuity

This is a technique that requires the person with a desire to lucidly dream to avoid circumstances that can make it difficult for them to sleep. For example, it is advisable to avoid drinking water an hour before sleeping. This will help to avoid interruption of sleep. Substances such as sugar and caffeine should also not be taken prior to bedtime.

Reality checks

This is a test frequently performed to find out whether one is asleep or not. It involves making a habit of frequently finding out whether one is asleep or awake. Do not always assume you are awake. As yourself questions such as; do you remember how you got there? Does my light switch work? Do your hands have the same color every time you look at them? These kinds of questions are helpful in finding out if you are sleeping or awake.


Find a comfortable position in bed; a place or position that you can sleep on for long without being woken up because you are uncomfortable. Take five to ten deep breaths and remind yourself that you are preparing for a night of remembering your dreams. This is followed by muscle clenching starting from your toes, then feet, and so on upwards until your forehead. Repeat it two more times before going to bed.


It becomes much easier to lucid-dream when you have a goal that is clearly defined.  For example, what would you wish to be doing in your first lucid dream? For example, if you would wish to fly then start visualizing yourself dreaming then visualize yourself flying and focus  on  the same goal in your dream