The Power Of Intention

It's early in the morning, sunlight has still not confirmed the sky. I have no idea what the time is but I am still conscious of the time. My house mate has suggested we try the Sunday morning yoga class at 9 am, if we get up in time that is. I find myself awake and walking to the gym in a dressing gown and shorts. I am at the bottom of the road and I realise that it seems darker then it should be at this hour (between 7-9 I estimate). I then realise I am on my own and there is no traffic on the denchworth road what-so-ever. I stop and kneel on the floor in my meditation pose and begin to breath rhythmically. I decide to check my hands to confirm to myself what I am already contemplating. Yup.... This is a dream! BOOM!! I'm lucid. I stay knelt on the floor controlling my breathing as I glance around at how picture perfect my dream neighbourhood is to the real one just outside the window of my bed that I am laying in.....
This is a recount of my lucid dream this morning, it clearly demonstrates the point I am about to make. With the intention set to get up for the yoga class, some background subconscious information was lurking at the back of my dream that would help me grow consciously aware. It is as though I have left a piece of software running in the system tray of my brain. You may have experienced this at some point- "I must remember to get some milk on the way home from work". You havnt written anything down or set a reminder on your phone, yet your mind knows to prompt you when it is necessary. How does it do that? Was Freud right when he said dreams were incomplete tasks being solved to give the dreamer a sense of accomplishment?  This is what you need to do: Set the intention solidly before you are going to sleep, this can be in bed or during a quiet point in the day. In some cases this is known as dream incubation. Imagine a scenario you have experienced previously in a dream, maybe a reoccurring one or a situation that is dream-like. Picture yourself becoming lucid and realising you are in a dream. Carry this intention on into your dream, just like you do with remembering the milk- don't ask me how to do that though, it's just the power of intention.


  • Posted by ejwbutler on

    Nice post. Intention is the Mother AND Father of lucid dreaming.
    I have a method of picturing myself writing “Tonight, I will remember to realise that I am dreaming” over and over on a blackboard Bart Simpson style.
    What works for me might not work for anyone else thought :)

  • Posted by Rich Watson on

    That’s really interesting, it’s like you are literally marking your subconscious with this order! Thanks for the tip!

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