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  • 5 Practical Tips for Keeping a Dream Journal

    Here are my top five tips for one of the most important elements of lucid dreaming practice: Keep it close to you Starting off with a simple self explanatory fact; if you keep your journal within close proximity to your bed, you are more likely to write your dreams while they are fresh in your mi... View Post
  • Crystals That Help You Lucid Dream

    As a continuing effort to become more accepting and open minded (and scientific), in the next few months I am going to experiment with crystals for Lucid Dreaming. I am currently learning how to clean and program the crystals for my desired purpose, and there is a lot to learn and a large amount ... View Post
  • Stop Nightmares and Use Them to Improve your Life, Forever!

    In this article I will teach you exactly how to stop nightmares in their tracks and harmonise with the amazing amounts of transformation energy behind them. Here is an example of how I overcame and achieved union with the reoccurring nightmare I had over 3 years:   I am in a caravan/trailer park ... View Post