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  • 5 Practical Tips for Keeping a Dream Journal

    Here are my top five tips for one of the most important elements of lucid dreaming practice: Keep it close to you Starting off with a simple self explanatory fact; if you keep your journal within close proximity to your bed, you are more likely to write your dreams while they are fresh in your mi... View Post
  • 5 most common Dream signs - how to use them to lucid dream 

    What is a Dream Sign? During the 80s a professor at Stanford university called Dr Stephen Leberge, conducted extensive research into lucid dreaming. The research in this area of interest was seldom done, nobody took any merit from the brains state during dreams. Dr Leberge wanted to explore consc... View Post
  • Crystals That Help You Lucid Dream

    As a continuing effort to become more accepting and open minded (and scientific), in the next few months I am going to experiment with crystals for Lucid Dreaming. I am currently learning how to clean and program the crystals for my desired purpose, and there is a lot to learn and a large amount ... View Post