Into the Woods & Deep Oceans

Dreams are often cryptic and merely a symbol or a metaphor for a larger truth, a deeper question or something the subconscious would like you to address. When you dream of certain environments or situations, traditionally and culturally, they can represent a wider collective concept.

It is said that myths are collective dreams of the public, and dream are personal myths that you unconsciously decide apon, but there are a few ideas that can be share between both of these areas.

Going into the woods/forest/wilderness or plunging into deep water is said by many folk tales and traditions to represent going deeper into yourself. Often quite ominous environments such as these can represent the "unknown" relating to unexplored depths within. They can also represent a new venture, a new life decision or a just being overwhelmed.

Allow me to share a dream experience I had quite recently, it happened the day before I made a big life changing decision.

I am in a large city surrounded by tall high-rise buildings being dimly lit by the evading sun. I glance over to my left hand side and notice a vast open space leading to the ocean. I have a sudden sense of utter despair and feel a deep sense of unfamiliarity as I notice a huge tsunami on the horizon. I then notice hordes of people panicking and running around in reaction to the incoming waves of destruction. I then begin to breath deeply (as I do anytime I feel great anxiety) and begin to become more aware of my surroundings. I do not become Lucid, but the fear begins to settle. What before was a terrifying end-of-world experience, becomes a moment of peace and reflection. I wake up promptly - feeling exuberant at my realisation.

The waves represented great change and the also the unknown horizon I was looking at with my decision. Rather then feeling fear and running back to the city (which represents comfort and familiarity), I realised that the fear of the unknown was just a limitation I unconsciously put on myself. Once I became present and aware of my feelings & emotions, I was able to proceed and make probably the best decision I have ever made.

Don't just know your limits, recognise them for what they are - delve into the woods!


Happy Dreaming



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