Do You Want To Feel 100% On Fire Every Day?

In a recent interview with self motivational wizard Tim Ferris regarding his new book "Tools Of Titans", Tim was asked what are the MAIN consistencies he sees in the most successful billionaires, icons and world class performers in the world.

He sited sleeping and waking habits being among the TOP trends running in the ultra successful community:

  • At night they would use chilipads to regulate their temperature for better rest and in the morning they would abide by a strict routine to win the day for themselves.


  • This morning routine would consist of waking up early (5:30 - 6:30 am) and practicing a form of mindfulness meditation, whether its yoga, breathing exercises or just inwardly repeating a word or phrase. This would put the mind at ease straight away and centre your attention away from anxious thought or task based worry.

I have been meditating in the morning with a few "anchoring" methods which I cover in my FREE EBOOK (click link to Learn How To Lucid Dream) and I have found it really sets the tone of the day. Where I used to just absorb content dictated by social media first thing and become stressed/anxious/sad, I now wake with a strong sense of motivation and drive.

The next part of the routine consist of some type of journal - for me this is dream journalling and gratitude exercises. I will recall my dream from the night before first thing or allow the dream to flood back to my memory during my morning mindfulness meditation. 

Make sure to do all of this before checking any type of email account or life admin (social media), as you will be able to set clear goals of that days achievements!

I will also often sit and drink a herbal tea, while listening to my surroundings or some uplifting music.

I hope this helps and I would love to hear from anyone who is trying it, already has this routine and does anything different or anyone who just wants some more info!

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Happy Waking Everyone!


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