Control your Physiology to control your mind

"I want you to go away this weekend and come back 25% smarter by thinking about it." Oh thanks ! I hadn't thought to think about getting better, I'll go and think about my thinking.
Has it ever occurred to you to question why you think what you think? Why you make decisions on how you feel, and why you feel that way? Furthermore have you ever wondered why your body is making you feel that way and what it is trying to tell you? Dr Alan Watkins explains in his TEDx talks by simply stating that you act on what is going on in your mind. That is your train of thinking because of your feelings. Your feelings are thus due to what you body is communicating to you via e-motions, Energy in motion. Your body is constantly sending signals about what is going on in the form of electrical signals that are deconstructed by your brain. These dictate what the emotional situation is in your body, i.e relaxation when you stomach is digesting a meal or adrenaline cortisol when you are in a stressful state. These lead to the creations of feelings such as fear, contentment or happiness which are behind most of the creation of thoughts. These thoughts then influence our actions and behaviors, besides the cues from the given environment. If you are able to partially control you lowest level, the source of it all , you are able to control unwanted thoughts. The main way Dt Watkins talks about controlling your physiology and therefore being your best self everyday, is breathing. On a varying scale of inportance there are multiple elements to take into account. Rythm of the breath, where to breathe from and consistency are amoung the top elements. This will ultimately positively effect your heart rate over time and make it congruent and predictable. This in turn supplies your brain with all the oxygen it needs to operate effectively, as in stressful "fight or flight" situations the creatively thinking part of the brain (linked with lucid dreaming and self awareness) is shut off and unused. Your brain gives itself a temporary lobotomy as creative thinking wouldn't be necessary to outrun a hungry predator. The more reactive "monkey brain" mode of the brain isn't really necessary anymore in the modern day as we tend to only interact other humans, although you can argue some are more predatory in nature then a saber tooth. I believe that practicing Dr Watkins techniques thoroughly during the day encourages more self critical awareness that can be extremely beneficial to lucid dreaming and conscious awareness of sleep. More on this in my next post

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Dr Alan Watkins - Being brilliant Every Single Day

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