5 Ways Lucid Dreaming Changed My Life (For The BETTER!)

In this article I would like to share with you, the top 5 ways Lucid Dreaming has improved my brain, my mind, my health and my mind. I am sharing these with you, to help you understand the limitless potential Lucid Dreaming holds for anybody willing to learn.

Memory and Awareness 

Improved my memory capacity and my ability to have vivid recall

The main foundational techniques of Lucid Dreaming include cognitive training. Actively recollecting your dream every night not only improves dream recall, but increases the brains ability to build critical awareness of subtle details. These can be details such as eye colour, clothing and ambient contents you would have overlooked before. These methods don't only improve in your sleep either, I was far more "awake" in my waking life too! I became far more observant of every details of my experience in my every day life. You can build this type of observant behaviour by consistently keeping a Dream Journal.

Now, I am not sure if this is an increase of the brains resources or it is simply a clearing up of your sensory processing - simply put, you are not using that extra percentage of your attention on needles thinking, allowing it to be attributed to your self awareness and meta cognitive functions. But I am sure you will agree either way - Being able to free your mind of thinking to focus on what is happening in front of you is far more useful than repeating an argument you had with someone last week.

Have a look at some of These Dream Journals to help you build your dream recall


Sleep Quality

Allows me to sleep restfully and recharge my batteries every night

In my early 20s, I occasionally had quite severer insomnia which would drag on for days and even weeks sometimes. I had no idea why I couldn't stop my thoughts from racing every night when I went to rest my head. My days were full of mind-occupying duties and events, from work to leisure and everything in between. Nighttime seemed to be the only time something wasn't happening to occupy my headspace. I would lie awake extremely frustrated, feeling like my mind wasn't going to let me sleep, as if it was punishing me with repetitive and anxious thought. There was too much accumulative momentum from the days processes to unwind.

During my first month of Lucid Dreaming, I would wind down most evenings by reading about Lucid Dreaming before beginning my nightly pre dream meditation. Having Lucid Dreaming as my motivation, my mind was cleared of all repetitive thought. Keeping my mental processes lock in awareness of my body or breathing would be anchoring me out of the thought stream.

I began to Lucid Dream quite quickly and had my first few Lucid Dreams within a month of practice. I would experience long vivid dreams with momentary conscious awareness at the end of them as I became Lucid. I would wake up in the morning exhilarated, charged full of energy and ready to take the world on until the next Lucid Dream opportunity came along the following night!

I now look at any experience similar to insomnia as a blessing, as it is a chance for my body to softly drift off to sleep with my awareness remains active. 

Here are some of my favourite book you should read on Lucid Dreaming Effectively


Connection to Myself 

Have a deeper understand of self and ability to grow in profound ways

As human beings, we often like to hide scary truths from ourselves - sometimes for good. We don't allow ourselves to get hurt and avoid any undesirable harsh realities that may disagree with the story we tell ourselves. This identity makes us who we think we are - the ego.

The ego often protects us from these harsh truths for "its" own gain - it is far easy to lie to yourself than it is to recognise you have the chance for some real change.

During my time Lucid Dreaming, I have discovered that there appears to be a hidden awareness behind the dream, a deeper truth. This awareness dwells behind the dream scene, the dream characters, the trees, the buildings or whatever the surface level of the dream might be. This hidden awareness is often referred to as the observer, this true self, or the higher self and it doesn't sugar coat anything from you. This awareness speaks frankly and directly, and often references both waking and dream elements for questions to be addressed.

This awareness goes far deeper than the ego does, and discovering this deeper level has profoundly changed my life for ever. I am not now somehow "above" the ego, it is intrenched into me, but I have a choice whether or not to listen to it now.

Easier control over my faculties

Not let feelings and emotions control me, maintain a peaceful state of mind

Discovering that "I" am not my ego improved my ability to make decisions on patterns of behaviour during my Lucid Dreaming experiences. I would often get incredibly angry, scared, anxious or depressed before I began Lucid Dreaming, because I unconsciously told myself that the emotion I was feeling was what I am - allowing it complete control over me, until something else had enough momentum to bring me out of that state. It is helpful to carry an item on you to remind you and keep you critically aware like a Totem. I used a bracelet that said "are you dreaming" to be a constant reminder of my goal to stay Lucid and aware in the day and the night.

After a few real Lucid Dream slaps to the face, I realised that I am not the emotion I feel at that moment - it is just happening to me. I have the choice whether or not to let that momentum take me away, or to look at the source of the emotion, what information it has pertaining to the situation at hand and go from there.

Have a look at these Totems/Talismans you can carry with you throughout the day


Understanding Sadness/Suffering

Appreciate pain for what it is, and use it to help me heal & grow

Undesirable situations and feelings were something I used to avoid before I began to Lucid Dream. I thought that I had to always think 'Positive' about everything, often ignoring blatant problems along the way. Avoiding pain never works, and it often comes back, over and over, stronger each time it returns - this is until you break down or worse.

During many of my Lucid Dreams, there is a sudden unprompted change in mood of the dream, and I find myself feeling very anxious or scared. They seldom go how I planned them to go, and I will often find myself in the middle of a very sticky situation. Completely Lucid and aware, I become frustrated - this isn't what i signed up for! Where are all the naked celebrities and flying elephants I wanted to see? 

In the Lucid Dream you are forced to face with every aspect of your being, good or bad, positive or repressed negativity. This realisation came to me a few years into Lucid Dreaming, when I thought I was a "Master" - but I wasn't able to stop what was happening, so I would avoid it, by waking myself up. Unbeknownst to me, I was choosing to avoid undesirable situations in the Dream world now too!

After facing a few Dream Demons I began to notice that I no longer feared undesirable circumstances in my waking life either! I still feel anxiety and fear when I should, but it doesn't mean I back away from these situations anymore - Because I know they are a chance to heal and grow!

You can help create the environment for your Lucid Dreams by making the room you sleep in into a Dream Haven. It is important to have somewhere you consider sacred to practice your Lucid Dreams in, maybe hang up some decor or a Dream Catcher. 

Here are some Dream Catchers you can use to make your bedroom your Dream Centre


I hope this article helped you by seeing some of the positive things Lucid Dreaming has done for me, as always, if you have any questions please contact me on messenger below or leave a comment, you can also drop me an email: Rich@dreamcrafter.uk


Happy Dreaming





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